1985 Schwinn Cimarron Touring Bike Build Part 1

Oh the beauty of vintage bicycles. Jeff has a couple of Schwinn Cimarron mountain bikes, one of which he’s had since new, that he is looking to fix up. The Cimarron that is the subject of this build is is a Craigslist $100 find that’s being converted from a classic mountain bike to a still classic drop bar touring bike.

The Begining

It is 100% original, with the exception of the tires and the frame is lugged 4130 chromoly steel with a fillet brazed head tube.

Fillet Brazing

Jeff is converting this to 8 speed indexed shifting and swapping some parts for fit and reliability, but keeping the classic Shimano Deer Head derailleurs.

Deerhead RearDeerhead Front

Some of the parts that are being swapped off this bike are going to be used on the other Cimarron build still to come and the parts that are being reused are getting overhauled and cleaned.

Back Work

The stem that is going on is a Nitto Dirt Drop, the handlebar is a Velo Orange Grand Cru Chris’s Rando Handlebar, brake levers are Cane Creek SCR-5 and the cables are VO Metallic Braid.

Front Work

Lots of work still to come.

What do you think?

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