Latin America – Operational Navigation Chart Series Maps

While searching for maps to guide my way through Latin America I came across the website for The University of Texas at Austin Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. This site is a treasure trove of navigational information and one of the best map collections I found pertaining to Latin America is the Operational Navigation Chart Series. These are aeronautical charts at a scale of 1:1,000,000 showing topographic features by shaded relief and 1,000 foot contouring. The one issue I found is these maps were saved as JPEG images, but for maximum clarity and ease of working with I prefer PDF files, so I downloaded all of the maps, converted them to PDF and have made them available for download below. Even when zoomed to 800% the maps are still clear and usable on my iPod Touch.

The map names correlate to the Latin America ONC Index Map

  1. H-22
  2. H-23
  3. H-24
  4. H-25
  5. J-23
  6. J-24
  7. J-25
  8. K-23
  9. K-25
  10. K-26
  11. K-27
  12. L-25
  13. L-26
  14. L-27
  15. L-28
  16. M-24
  17. M-25
  18. M-26
  19. M-27
  20. M-28
  21. M-29
  22. N-25
  23. N-26
  24. N-27
  25. N-28
  26. P-26
  27. P-27
  28. P-28
  29. Q-23
  30. Q-26
  31. Q-27
  32. Q-28
  33. R-22
  34. R-23
  35. R-24
  36. S-21
  37. T-18
  38. U-17
  39. U-18
  40. U-19

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