Riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Part 2 – Colorado

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First off, if you haven’t read Part 1- Arizona and New Mexico yet, you should go back and check it out.

ColoRADo, it’s the state we were looking forward to the most, and after dragging our bikes through the mud along Brazos Ridge, we were glad to finally arrive. With food supplies low we were also glad to arrive in the town of Horca, but that happiness didn’t last long. The one “food store” in town was closed for remodeling, so we scraped up what we could from the restaurant and gift shop, then rode on.

Like last time, this post is more photos then text, but I do have a few notes for those who travel through.

  • Ignore the bad stories about the town of Platoro, most people just go to the wrong place. The Gold Nugget Cafe has the best, but still limited, grocery selection, great food, and a bread pudding with Jack Daniels sauce you won’t forget. Michael and Debbie go out of their way to make you feel at home and they also have a cabin for rent to cyclists, hikers and motorcyclists.
  • If you’ve been waiting for that Rocky Mountain High, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. The first dispensary is not until Salida.
  • Food doesn’t come fast in rural Colorado. Waiting almost an hour for something to go is not uncommon.
  • The only official signs we saw marking the GDMBR were north of Del Norte.
  • Colorado has some unrelenting climbs, but some of the longest are at a railroad grade. Climbing a 2% grade for 15 miles isn’t so bad when you have a 15 mile descent as  a reward.
  • There is free camping just outside town at the Salida East riverfront camping area.
  • If your bike needs work, Salida and Steamboat have some of the best shops on the GDMBR
  • The baseball dugouts in Steamboat Springs may have good camping, just don’t get caught and watch out for the sprinklers.

With that, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Heading to the Mountains
Even if you miss the welcome sign, the scenery tells you you’re in Colorado
Yeah, Jeff is happy. The sun finally made an appearance and hung around for awhile
 photo P7105215_zpsyx2y8wyn.jpg
What you don’t see in this photo is the manure filled cow corral we hid in to escape the pounding hailstorm
Cooking in the Outhouse
Cooking dinner at Upper Dome Reservoir, in-between Del Norte and Salida
Camping next to an Outhouse
Upwind camping at at Upper Dome Reservoir along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
View from Upper Dome Reservoir
View over Upper Dome Reservoir
Slingshot Shooting on Marshall Pass
Huntin’ road signs on top of Marshall Pass in Colorado along the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
 photo P_20150712_112311_zpsqynhcanq.jpg
A few of the classic mountain bikes hanging at Absolute Bikes in Salida
 photo P7135242_zpsffhrfzga.jpg
Rays of sun
Rain in the Distance
Rain in the distance
 photo P7135246_zpsdcnqfkyw.jpg
Leader of the Pack. These cows followed us as we climbed, cheering us on with shouts of Mooo
 photo P7145250_zpsmuqtf3ax.jpg
Camping at the little house in Hartsel, Colorado
More Rain in the Distance
Rain was pretty much the story for the first half of our time on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
 photo P7185269_zpsnsj7yijn.jpg
After a night of dugout camping in Steamboat Springs, this is what we woke to
 photo P7205280_zpswd5uflkj.jpg
Watching the alpenglow from Brush Mountain Lodge in northwest Colorado
 photo P7215290_zps6j5jrqxj.jpg
Everywhere we looked in northern Colorado there were pronghorn, one of the fastest land animals in the world.
Leaving Colorado
Heading out of Colorado and into Wyoming; the hills and the views stretch on for miles.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for Part 3 – Wyoming and Idaho


4 thoughts on “Riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: Part 2 – Colorado

  1. I love your blog. I have land in southern CO and one day hope to visit there and travel via bike across the state. Your pictures are spectacular.

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