Lake Champlain 200K / 300K Brevet Pre-Ride Post-Ride Report

Gas PumpPre-rode the New England Randonneurs Lake Champlain 300K brevet route yesterday. A sunny sky, light winds and good company made for a great day. Fellow randonneur Dave Cain and I started the day together and he continued home via the 200K route.

Some of the pavement heading north in VT is a little rough and there is some sharp road shoulder debris (watch out for punctures), but the NY roads are in pretty good shape. Also, somewhere on the route in NY there is a fixed radar gun with a speed readout at the bottom of a hill. 43mph and lots of fun. For the 300K route, all turns are marked except for Panton Rd. on the way to the 3rd control, but just bear right at the old white sign directing you to Panton.

Lets hope for nice weather and calm wind again for Saturday.

One thought on “Lake Champlain 200K / 300K Brevet Pre-Ride Post-Ride Report

  1. A happy hello there from Birds…I think you are a very lucky man to be where you are. I am very happy for you and also very thankful to have met you. Our meeting was short but oh so sweet. Wishing you a great continuance of this trip and a safe return home. Oh, and yes things are good here for me, I am HOME!

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