What was in the handlebar bag?

Bar Bag

Inspired by a post Dave Cain made last month on his blog Yurtville, I thought I would give a rundown of what was in my handlebar bag for the Lake Champlain 300K brevet pre-ride. This serves as a future packing list for me and possibly information for others. The bag is a rather large Velo Orange Grand Cru and inside I found…..

Main Bag:

  • My tool and repair kit – to be outlined in a future post
  • 2 spare inner tubes – 650b tubes are not stocked at most shops
  • Reflective sash
  • Princeton Tech EOS Bike light
  • First aid kit – Band Aids, some ibuprofen, duct tape, large bandages and gauze
  • Ziplock bag with sunscreen, “emergency rations” (snacks), T.P. and spare batteries
  • Large Ziplock bag for “to go food” – chicken nuggets, pizza or other greasy food
  • Rain pants wrapped with a reflective leg strap
  • Rain jacket
  • Ibex Shak full zip long sleeve jersey
  • Cue sheet and a map of the route – stored in the top flap map pouch

Front Pocket:

  • Waterproof saddle cover – I try to take really good care of my Brooks saddle
  • 2 plastic grocery bags – many uses from vapor barriers to rain covers

Handlebar BagSide Pockets:

  • Ziplock bag with drivers license, debit card, cash, pen (and brevet card if needed)
  • 2 pairs of Nitrile gloves – for mechanical or medical repairs
  • Snow Peak titanium spork – for digging into rock hard ice cream
  • Leatherman Skeletool

Back Pockets:

  • iPhone 4
  • Chain lube – a quiet bike is a happy bike
  • Halt dog repellant


The total weight for all of this is……..  I don’t want to know.

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