D.I.Y. – Bottom Bracket Sleeve Modification

Warning: Bike Geek Post! Most cyclists have a certain bike part they tend to destroy. OK, some, like Scott Pauker, seem to destroy most everything, but for me it’s bottom brackets. This post isn’t meant to start a which BB is better debate, we’re all at the mercy of the manufacturers and their latest “standards”. For touring I’ve settled on the external bearing standard, because it’s currently the most widely used and easiest to replace. Also, unlike square taper bottom brackets, one size fits most, with the right adapters.

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Finding My Way With a Smartphone

Reading a Map

While traveling, I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I navigate my routes. While I still use paper maps to get an overview of where I am and where I want to go, lately I’ve been relying on my phone’s GPS to help get me there. I’ve added a page under the Navigation heading describing what I use to find my way and how I use it.


Jay Petervary unpacking his bike from the 2012 Tour Divide race

40 years old and he stomped the Tour Divide record – 15 days, 16 hours and 14 minutes!

Lots of great information information in this video and I especially like the large plastic bag for takeout food and the ankle strap around the rain pants ideas. Jay, if you ever stumble across this posting, thanks for sharing the knowledge.

What was in the handlebar bag?

Bar Bag

Inspired by a post Dave Cain made last month on his blog Yurtville, I thought I would give a rundown of what was in my handlebar bag for the Lake Champlain 300K brevet pre-ride. This serves as a future packing list for me and possibly information for others. The bag is a rather large Velo Orange Grand Cru and inside I found…..

Main Bag:

  • My tool and repair kit – to be outlined in a future post
  • 2 spare inner tubes – 650b tubes are not stocked at most shops
  • Reflective sash
  • Princeton Tech EOS Bike light
  • First aid kit – Band Aids, some ibuprofen, duct tape, large bandages and gauze
  • Ziplock bag with sunscreen, “emergency rations” (snacks), T.P. and spare batteries
  • Large Ziplock bag for “to go food” – chicken nuggets, pizza or other greasy food
  • Rain pants wrapped with a reflective leg strap
  • Rain jacket
  • Ibex Shak full zip long sleeve jersey
  • Cue sheet and a map of the route – stored in the top flap map pouch

Front Pocket:

  • Waterproof saddle cover – I try to take really good care of my Brooks saddle
  • 2 plastic grocery bags – many uses from vapor barriers to rain covers

Handlebar BagSide Pockets:

  • Ziplock bag with drivers license, debit card, cash, pen (and brevet card if needed)
  • 2 pairs of Nitrile gloves – for mechanical or medical repairs
  • Snow Peak titanium spork – for digging into rock hard ice cream
  • Leatherman Skeletool

Back Pockets:

  • iPhone 4
  • Chain lube – a quiet bike is a happy bike
  • Halt dog repellant


The total weight for all of this is……..  I don’t want to know.