House is empty, bike is shipped – It’s finally here

Things have been kind of busy lately, with more work hours than fun hours, but the finish line is in sight. Next Thursday, September 5th, I’m flying to Phoenix, Arizona and the start of a new chapter. Most of what I own has been sold, given away, or put into indefinite storage and this morning, I loaded my bike and gear onto a trailer headed to Douglas Arizona and will meet up with it next week. It was a lot to tackle in a short amount of time.

I’ll admit it, I don’t have much of a plan. I have two weeks of work left once I arrive and I will be working in Fronteras Mexico for that time. After that….. Ride the Arizona Trail, tour around Mexico, tour around the Desert Southwest for a while, or maybe something I’m not even thinking of yet, I don’t know. I have a one way ticket, so I know I’m not flying back. Eventually I’m heading to South America, but maybe I’ll head north first. Once I look at some maps, I’ll get an idea.

Anyway, the commute to work this morning was great. I caught the sunrise with a perfect foreground view. I’m going to miss this ride in the morning.

iPhone Sunrise

Foggy RidePhotos were taken with an iPhone 4, not the best image quality but it’s what I had.

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