Back on the road again – Mountain biking in the desert of Arizona

The time back in Vermont was what I needed, but with no permanent home, it’s now time to travel again. My original plan was to fly into Phoenix, grab a shuttle to the Mexican border, hop a bus south and continue where I left off; but why rush. After reading some great blogs and forum posts describing the riding in Arizona I decided to stick around for a while. Besides, after the TSA confiscated my Trianga stove and United Airlines bent the fork on my bike I needed a day to get my things in order. The forks was an easy fix, just stand on it and pull it back into shape – steel really is real. The stove on the other hand isn’t so easy. After searching all the outdoor stores in the area the best option I came up with was…… nothing. Fortunately a cheap beer and a Leatherman gave me what I need for now.

I’ve spent the past few days camping in the mountains,

exploring the trails and paths around the Phoenix area and catching an art festival at ASU in Tempe. While the locals are talking about the cold front that has come through, with highs in the 50’s and lows in the 30’s it feels like perfect fall temperatures to me. Tomorrow I plan on heading north on the Black Canyon Trail and I’ll have more to post once I get to Sedona in a few days.

Actually, I’m in Sedona after having ridden the BCT and some great back roads – another post to follow soon.

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