The Past Few Weeks


Two weeks to go before I’m back on the road. I have a flight to Phoenix Arizona on December 4th and from there…… I’m still deciding. My time back home, while a bit stressful, has also been enjoyable and is something I needed to do. It’s been many, many years since I’ve spent this much time with my family.

Fall is my favorite season and I’ve been getting out to play a lot in the past few weeks.

Raleigh PortageFall ride on the Raleigh Portage
Smugglers NotchSkiing up in Smugglers Notch
Stream CrossingBack country exploring with the Fat Front Troll (photo Dan Schmidt)
Mount Mansfield ViewAfternoon plane ride with my Uncle
Me riding Saxon Hill (photo Dan Schmidt)
Dan at Saxon HillAnd Dan doing the same

3 thoughts on “The Past Few Weeks

  1. Cool. I have yet to even try riding a fat bike, but I’m intrigued… My ride to work in the winter could be an interesting through-the-woods-then-over-the-fields journey. I’ve done some of the fields stuff on a mountain bike on packed snow mobile tracks. It’d be fun to expand the possibilities.

  2. Hey John, what’s the thinking with the Fat Front Troll? Fat in front, typical in back. I don’t know much about fat bikes and find this intriguing….

    1. Hey Dave,
      I was curious what advantage the wider tire footprint and passive suspension would have on the rigid 26″ bike. What I found was the Fat Front did soak up the small bumps and slowed the steering down which allowed me to plow through rough stuff rather than pick a smooth line. The disadvantage was the rolling resistance on firm ground was noticeably more than with the standard front wheel, but not as much as a regular fat bike. I have a Pugsley with the same headset as my Troll, so the fork and wheel swap only took a few minutes.

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