From Phoenix to Sedona – Riding the BCT and back roads of Arizona

After spending a few days taking in the big city of Phoenix and mountain biking in the South Mountain area, I headed north out of town with the plan to ride the Black Canyon Trail. With a late start and some confusion linking the various bike paths and urban trails, I made it to the Care Free Highway and found a great highway underpass camping spot

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Back on the road again – Mountain biking in the desert of Arizona

The time back in Vermont was what I needed, but with no permanent home, it’s now time to travel again. My original plan was to fly into Phoenix, grab a shuttle to the Mexican border, hop a bus south and continue where I left off; but why rush. After reading some great blogs and forum posts describing the riding in Arizona I decided to stick around for a while. Besides, after the TSA confiscated my Trianga stove and United Airlines bent the fork on my bike I needed a day to get my things in order.

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Riding and Working in Douglas Arizona and Fronteras Mexico

It has been a wild few months, a great bike tour followed by a month of mayhem, packing, moving, followed by working in Arizona and Mexico. Things are still busy, but at least it’s warm down here.

Sunrise on the BorderTo recap the past few weeks in a pointed, brain dump format…..

  • Buried in work, packing, moving, goodbyes, etc. for the month of August
  • Caught the Burlington Criterium on Labor Day

Green Mountain Stage Race Criterium 2013

  • Flew to Phoenix Arizona on September 5th
  • Rented a car and drove through 115 degree “dry heat” with the windows down to Douglas Arizona.
  • Found out why it’s called monsoon season

The fence between the US and Mexico is just behind the the houses across the street

  • Was reunited with the bicycle I just built and had shipped down

Parked out front of where I’m working in Mexico

After many years of touring on Long Haul Truckers, I built a Surly Troll for this trip. There are a few reasons for this, I wanted a higher bottom bracket, I already had a frame bag that fit, and …….. Rohloff compatible rear dropouts.

I’ve wanted one for years and this trip gave me the excuse to pull the trigger. Laced to a Mavic 729 it should make for a bomb proof wheel. Up front I have a Schmidt SON28 dynamo hub laced to a Mavic 719. A lightweight wheel that so far, has been holding up. Tires are Maxxis 2.4 Holy Rollers with Slime self sealing tubes. I’ll make a separate bike post in the future.

  • Drove across the border to Mexico and had the car and bags searched for 45 minutes by the US Border Patrol
  • Was denied entry for the car due to a paperwork error by Enterprise Car Rental
  • Was detained again coming back into the US
  • Returned the rental car and am now using rides / bicycle / public transportation
  • Got a ride with a coworker down to Fronteras Mexico
  • Worked a lot of hours
  • Stayed in a guest house for the week and ate some great Mexican food.
  • Explored the dirt roads and trails around Fronteras (a separate post to come)

  • Rode back up to Douglas – Rt. 17 in Mexico is not a fun road to ride on.
  • Headed east on Geronimo Trail out of Douglas Arizona.

I packed my full kit to give the bike a shakedown.

Same border, different type of fence

  • Found a great camping spot

  • Explored some of the side trails on my way back to Douglas the next morning
  • Checked into the Motel 6 and got back to work.

Feeling safe