Into The Wild – A Trip To The Chris McCandless Bus

Into the Wild

I’m interrupting the posts on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route to catch up on a few trips from the summer of 2014.

Visiting Bus 142, aka the Chris McCandless bus, aka the bus from Into The Wild had been an almost 20 year dream of mine. There is something about Chris’s story, as told by Jon Krakauer, that lit a spark in me. As evidenced by the amount of people from around the world that make, or at least try to make, the pilgrimage to Bus 142, it lit a spark in many others as well.

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The Grizzly Dance at the Outhouse

As I have more time and fast internet, there are a few posts I want to write on our travels through Canada and Alaska this past spring, summer and fall. This video I shot and Claudia put together is just a snippet.  We saw this bear while driving through British Columbia this past fall and fortunately, neither of us needed to use the outhouse at the moment.