The Grizzly Dance at the Outhouse

As I have more time and fast internet, there are a few posts I want to write on our travels through Canada and Alaska this past spring, summer and fall. This video I shot and Claudia put together is just a snippet.  We saw this bear while driving through British Columbia this past fall and fortunately, neither of us needed to use the outhouse at the moment.

Ian Hibell Crossing the Darien Gap by Bicycle

In 1972, Ian Hibell, along with Gary Bishop and John Bakewell were the first to complete an overland wheeled crossing of the Darien Gap, a strip of swampland dividing Panama and Columbia. Hibell, Bishop and Bakewell took the “direct” overland south-to-north route, including an overland crossing of the Atrato Swamp in Colombia.

Ian Hibell spent the better part of 40 years exploring the world by bicycle and was the first person to cycle from Cape Horn, Argentina to Alaska . Tragically, Ian was killed by a hit-and-run driver on the Athens – Salonika highway on the 23rd August 2008.

Jay Petervary unpacking his bike from the 2012 Tour Divide race

40 years old and he stomped the Tour Divide record – 15 days, 16 hours and 14 minutes!

Lots of great information information in this video and I especially like the large plastic bag for takeout food and the ankle strap around the rain pants ideas. Jay, if you ever stumble across this posting, thanks for sharing the knowledge.