Off the Beaten Track in Baja Part 2

From La Paz Back to Ciudad Constitucion

Over the Mountains to Los Barriles

First off, if you haven’t read Part 1, the USA border to La Paz, you can read it here. To start Part 2 off, we head east out of La Paz on Mex 286 towards the town of San Juan de los Planes. Just east of San Juan de los Planes the highway makes a sharp turn to the left, but for a more exciting route, just continue straight onto the dusty track that heads up into the Sierra la Gata.

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Off The Beaten Track in Baja Part 1

The USA Border to La Paz

Off Road in Baja

I’ll admit it, spending the winter in Baja California, Mexico was Claudia’s idea and I really wasn’t too excited about it, at first. That is until I started looking at maps and seeing all the great off-road tracks to out of the way place’s and remote camping spots we can have all to ourselves. Many, if not most travelers stick to the main highways and only deviate to a few well known destinations. While this option leads to some interesting areas and great sights, it’s not the route we are looking for.

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