The Past Few Weeks


Two weeks to go before I’m back on the road. I have a flight to Phoenix Arizona on December 4th and from there…… I’m still deciding. My time back home, while a bit stressful, has also been enjoyable and is something I needed to do. It’s been many, many years since I’ve spent this much time with my family.

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One photo a day, I’ll give it a go

Photo a Day 6/22/2013

I know many have done this before, one photo a day for a year, but I’ve never really been driven to try this until now. Photography, for me, is something I really enjoy when I travel, but when I’m surrounded by the familiar, the drive is lost. I have a camera on me much of the time, in the form of my iPhone, so I just need to make the time. I’m not going to post most of the photos here, but I’ve started a Photo a Day set on my Flickr page and that is where they will be.

I rode the Goshen Road to Middle Road, back on River Road, back home on Goshen Road loop today (on page 33 of Delorme’s Vermont Atlas and Gazetteer) and that is where this photo was taken. About 36 miles and 4,000 feet of elevation gain, and with the exception of 3 miles or so, all on dirt. Rural Vermont riding at it’s best.

Jay Petervary unpacking his bike from the 2012 Tour Divide race

40 years old and he stomped the Tour Divide record – 15 days, 16 hours and 14 minutes!

Lots of great information information in this video and I especially like the large plastic bag for takeout food and the ankle strap around the rain pants ideas. Jay, if you ever stumble across this posting, thanks for sharing the knowledge.